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01-21-2001New album release date confirmed for March; First tour date released; Stolen Ogre news

Corroborating the story running on MTV, the band confirmed on their website that their new record, still untitled, would be released in March after an original date of February. The album's booklet and lyrics are finishing up production these last few weeks, as the songs and their recordings have been in the can since late last year. At this point it appears that the band will hit the road shortly after its release - online tour date source www.pollstar.com recently confirmed a March 17th date at the Universal World Mardi Gras celebration in Orlando, Florida. Sources also place Blues Traveler at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, slated for April 27th through March 6th, but this is unconfirmed by the band or management. More tour dates will be posted as they become available.

From the other end of the country, Stolen Ogre reports in with the following news release:

Fall and Winter keepin' Bandmembers busy with other projects; Stolen Ogre back rehearsing and writing

The fall and winter months have been extremely busy months musically outside of Stolen Ogre while bandmembers take on other musical projects.

Guitarist David Simpson has been spending long hours in the studio recording with "Thirstin' Howl" Thirstin' Howl is a collaboration between David and Northwest drummer Pete Lagan. This is Thirstin' Howl's second album.

In a surprise development especially for Northwest jamband music lovers, Stolen Ogre's Michael McMorrow has been working out with "Alligator Wine". Alligator Wine was one of the Northwest's Premier jambands that disbanded in 1993. The band has been secretly rehearsing since last year. The addition of Michael marks the first time Alligator Wine has included a keyboardist. Said Michael "I used to go watch and do gigs with these guys (AG) while I was still in the Yarddogs. Man-- we used to play in the mountains at these killer anything goes parties, clubs and anywhere people wanted to dance, party and have a hell of a time. The stories I could tell... well nevermind...(laughs hardily) I really look forward to gigging with them soon and bringing back their groove while while continuing work with Stolen Ogre." stolenogre.com will definitely keep you posted on forthcoming AG gigs.

And of course how can we forget Brendan.. Brendan has been back writing and recording with Blues Traveler Although not completely confirmed (Brendan likes to keep us in the dark!) We can all look forward to a new Blues Traveler album next spring followed up by a tour.

Sax Player Scotty (junior) Adams celebrated New Years In Bangkok Thailand while playing a New Years Show there. He has been emailing us from the beaches there and sounds as if Thailand has been very good to him.

The new year has brought Stolen Ogre back to their practice digs and have begun playing and writing. There are no immediate show plans at this time but unconfirmed rumours have been floating around that they may be planning to perform this year as Stolen Ogre with the possible addition of a couple new players. We will keep you posted on any member additions.