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02-16-2001New album release date announced; "Bridge" is the new title; Tour date added

In a news story published on their official web site, Blues Traveler announced the release date of their upcoming twelve-track studio album as April 17th. As previously reported on this site, the album's title will be a shortened version of the originally proposed "Bridge Out Of Brooklyn"; the new name is simply "Bridge", said to be a nod to the band's movement away from both their adopted home of New York City as well as a tribute to Brooklyn Bob Sheehan. The first single, to be released sometime in March, is rumored to be a song that hard-core fans are already familiar with, though the decision is supposedly not yet final.

In an interesting parallel twist, the band will be returning to the same town and venue in which the John Popper Band closed 1999 in order to begin their first tour in support of the new album. Again according to the band's official site, they will be playing in a mere two weeks, on March 2nd, at the Hilton Hotel Ballroom in Reno, Nevada. These are not official spring tour dates, but rather a series of gigs to "kick the rust off". Spring tour should be announced by the end of February.