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02-20-2001Sampler track listing discovered; A new song is included

Thanks to some great sleuthing work by black-cat list member Mike Sliwinski, the track listing has been discovered for the upcoming three-song sampler that will accompany the next album by the Dave Matthews Band. The disc, whose apparent cover can be seen here, will contain the songs Back In The Day, The Path and But Anyway, in that order. To view the Circuit City page, try following this link, or going to www.circuitcity.com, clicking on "Music", and then "It's Dave Matthews Band Everyday".

While the second and third tracks are well-known to most Blues Traveler fans, the first might not be familiar. Back In The Day is a track written shortly after keyboardist Ben Wilson joined the band at their sessions in Austin earlier this year. This would, however, seem to contradict earlier reports that the tracks were live cuts, as the song has not yet been played at a show open to the public. The sampler will be available beginning February 27th at Circuit City stores while supplies last.