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03-04-2001Advance copies of Bridge shipped to radio stations; Track listing now available! Pat McGee Band to open in April

According to sources in the industry, advance copies of Blues Traveler's new album, Bridge, have been shipped to radio stations and other media outlets in anticipation of the release on April 17th. Thanks to an unnamed contact, BluesTraveler.Net is proud to be able to provide you with a track listing for the band's sixth studio effort. So as not to spoil the surprise, click here to view information about the album and links to the list of songs that are expected to appear on Bridge.

In other news, Black-Cat list member Nick Campbell reports that the Pat McGee Band will be opening for the band on a few Spring Tour Dates. While specific details were not mentioned, band members did mention Boston, New York and Philadelphia among the potential opener slots. The two bands have a history of playing together - after a spring 1998 gig in Washington, DC where John Popper jammed with the band for the entire first set, Popper later invited the band to play on that summer's H.O.R.D.E. Festival.