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03-26-2001Red Rocks is on! Single released to radio stations; Tour dates to be finalized this week

Start buying your tickets for Colorado - Red Rocks is officially booked! The band will return to Red Rocks on July 4th for the eighth time in nine years. The Allman Brothers have booked the Rocks for July 3rd, so guest appearance possibilities abound. There are also indications that there will be a show the day afterward, but the location and further info has not yet been announced.

Sharp-eared listeners across the country have reported that Girl In My Head is now in regular rotation at a radio station near you! The single has officially been shipped, as a recent eBay auction of the CD has indicated, and print ads have started showing up in industry publications. A copy of the ad can be seen here. While the song has not yet been played live by the band, it should also be in regular rotation on the spring tour, whose dates are expected to be finalized in an eGAAG this week from Gina. Keep your eyes peeled!