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04-08-2001Tour date changes/additions; Video shoot locale changed again

Two tour dates have been added to Blues Traveler's spring tour, while one appears to have been cancelled, though this has yet to be confirmed. The band is now slated to play Jillian's in Louisville, Kentucky, on May 3rd, according to Pollstar. However, the previous day's show, at the Ritz-Raleigh Theater in Raleigh, NC, has been called off, according to reports from the area. No confirmation has come from the office but the venue reportedly informed a local fan that they had instead opted for a corporate show. In the last bit of tour news, FriendsOfCheese.com reports that the bands will be sharing a bill at the Headwall at Mt. Werner in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with Israel Vibrations. Coupled with the rumored gig on July 5th [still to be announced], this would appear to make for an interesting week in Colorado.

In a separate development, the location of the video shoot for "Girl Inside My Head" has shifted back to the Los Angeles area, and as a result, the new version of the eBay auction has reverted to the original winner having the right of first refusal.