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07-22-2001Most of summer tour now announced; Audio chat/JamBands.com tidbits; More new audio to be released soon; New songs debuted in concert/Cover discussion

Over the past few weeks, A&M Records' web site has released over a dozen new tour dates that appear to flesh out the band's touring schedule from now through the end of September. While there are still quite a few gaps - most notably in mid-September - the band will be touring several states which have not been played for at least three years, including South Dakota, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Florida. The band's plans are to tour until the end of July, take three weeks off, then return with a show in Green Bay on August 18th and tour through mid-October. After a brief break, a winter tour may take place as well, although the latest news indicates that the band may have played its last New Year's Eve show.

The New Year's Eve news was one of several bits of information that surfaced during a GetMusic.com audio chat hosted by the band on July 10th. During the course of the conversation, which involved several bandmembers, it was learned that the next single will be Back In The Day, a video for which is expected to be released sometime in September. The band's web site also continues to be redone; the front page animation has been shortened and now contains a link to this web site, the tour dates page has been revamped to eliminate the spaceship animation; and sometime over the next two months, both Bluestraveler.com and BluesTraveler.Net are expected to host new audio clips, probably from the band's July 4th performance at Red Rocks. The band has also written plenty of new songs and, according to John, they're just waiting for the label's go-ahead to start recording a new record. John also indicated that as a part of his newfound commitment to his health, he will be quitting smoking as of his 35th birthday next year. Good luck, John!

The band also continues to be featured in all corners of the Internet; a recent feature on JamBands.com discussed the band's rebirth, history and future, as discussed by the brothers Kinchla. Read more at the link above. The band can also be seen at an upcoming web cast, showcasing their July 8th performance at Milwaukee's SummerFest. This gig featured the second-ever playing of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes", one of four covers busted out on the summer tour thus far. Also included in the playlist have been Frogwings' "Pattern", Led Zeppelin's "Fool In The Rain" and The Who's "Seeker". All of these new covers have prompted some discussion among the fan base; to that end, BluesTraveler.Net would like to announce our new Survey Page, where you can voice your own opinion on the topic. And along the line of new developments, we also debuted a new, improved Chat Room several weeks back which has proven to be populated on a fairly regular basis. We hope to get some guests in there eventually, so stay tuned.