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08-01-2001Columbia Records Radio Hour upcoming; More info on web site changes; Additional tour dates announced & Wetlands closing!

As announced on the official site yesterday, Blues Traveler will have its July 7th performance featured on the Columbia Records Radio Hour. The program will include selected tracks from the Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis, and is expected to include some tracks from Pete Yorn as well. While the Radio Hour's site has little information, the show is expected to broadcast this weekend, either on Saturday, August 4th or Sunday, August 5th. Click here for a list of radio stations to find out where you can hear the show.

It has been learned that among other changes at the official site, the Road Files will soon return to action in a revised format. The fixed files will not be categorized by band member, but will be consolidated into one main entry, so that band members can update it on a rotating basis or as they see fit. The mp3's of the Red Rocks show are in limbo at the moment but should be available sometime during the month of August. Although the band is on a break, the home office is hard at work churning out more tour dates. The latest batch includes dates in Rochester, Brookhaven and Fredonia, NY as well as confirmation of dates in Austin and Forth Worth, TX. Rumors also put the band at Stanhope, NJ's Waterloo Village sometime in mid-September.

While previously there was nothing to support these rumors, it has recently been published that the Wetlands Preserve will soon be forced out of its Hudson & Laight location when its short-term lease expires. The club, which has been in operation since Valentine's day 1989, gave Blues Traveler its first regular gig in its inaugural year and hosted the band as recently as 1998 for a four-song set during a High Plains Drifter gig. Owner Pete Shapiro indicated in a recent article on Jambands.com [at bottom] that the club is "planning some very special shows for the final weeks" - opening up the intriguing possibility of one last return to the Wetlands in mid-September, when the club is due to close. The article continues,

"Shapiro plans to promote concerts using the Wetlands name and has not ruled out the possibility of opening another club. 'There will never be another Wetlands Preserve, but I hope to do other things with the name. We're looking for a new space, a better space, but we're not going to force things. Wetlands deserves more than that. It's the kind of place that people will still be talking about ten or twenty years from now. There are so many great memories. It will be interesting to see what the legacy becomes.'"