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07-16-2002New album cover art available; John Popper guest appearances; Bill Graham "Biography" airing

The cover art for What You And I Have Been Through can now be seen in the new Flash-animated introduction to bluestraveler.com. The release date, originally reported to be "July", has apparently been changed to "this summer"; a concrete date has yet to be attached to the one-disc release but as soon as one is, the news is sure to spread.

In the meantime, fans who need their BT fix (and who can't make it out to BT's cross-country tour this summer) can hear John Popper blow his harp on a couple of recent releases. The most recent, Todd Wolfe's Wolfe, came out last week, and features John on track 7, "On The Run". The album is available online through his web site or at gigs (see the link for his touring schedule). The other release, while a bit older, shows that John continues to expand his horizons and show off his versatility. Former Goody Mob member Cee-Lo Green released his new album, Cee-Lo Green & His Perfect Imperfections on April 23rd. John appears on track 17, "Country Love".

In the last bit of news, A&E is airing a special two-hour edition of Biography chronicling the life of Bill Graham, rock impresario and the motivating force between the signing of Blues Traveler to their first record contract with A&M records in 1989. Graham's son David saw the band at Barnard College's springfest earlier that year and recommended the band to his father. The elder Graham took a listen, liked what he heard, and the rest is history.