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10-14-2002Dueling discs to come out within 3 weeks of each other as Interscope releases Travelogue

Universal Music has announced through its Universal Chronicles web site that it plans on releasing a "best of" album on November 12th, a mere 3 weeks after What You And I Have Been Through hits stores. Universal's press release reads, in part:

Encompassing the band's first six studio albums, from 1990-2001, with 17 selections, each 96k/24-bit digitally remastered from the original tapes, Travelogue: Blues Traveler Classics charts the course of one of the most critically acclaimed and enormously popular blues-rockin' jam giants of our day.

As Blues Traveler self-releases a live album in Fall 2002, What You And I Have Been Through, and tours the country before issuing a new studio album in Spring 2003, Travelogue offers a rear-view mirror reprise of the band's best-loved tracks.
The press release goes on to list the following tracks:
  1. But Anyway
  2. Gina
  3. Mulling It Over
  4. 100 Years
  5. Optimistic Thought
  6. Sweet Pain
  7. Mountain Cry
  8. Love & Greed
  9. Conquer Me
  10. Run-Around
  11. Regarding Steven
  12. The Mountains Win Again
  13. Crash Burn
  14. Hook
  15. Carolina Blues
  16. Canadian Rose
  17. Just For Me
The full text of Universal's press release can be read here.