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11-06-2002Several songs make comebacks in DC and Philly; Irving Plaza setlists to include no repeats; Another "Star-Spangled Banner" for John; More openers confirmed for West coast shows

John Popper's wizard garb at the 9:30 Club show was appropriate, as that night and the following gigs saw several tunes materialize that had not been played in several years. Washington, DC got a full version of "The Gunfighter" that had only been hinted at during the Red Rocks shows this summer. The next night's show in Philadelphia gave fans the first "All In The Groove" since its comeback at Red Rocks in 1998, and a surprising "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly" later in the set; the first with the new lineup.

According to a leak from the Blues Traveler home office, the four setlists have already been drawn up for the four-night run at Irving Plaza later this week, and word is that not a single song will be repeated over the entire run. Listmembers are speculating as to how they plan on accomplishing this, but they are apparently delving into the old catalog. Tops on the list of comeback tunes is "Trina Magna", which won a recent poll on the Black-Cat mailing list and was chanted for at the DC and Philadelphia shows. One thing is for certain, however - these four shows are not to be missed. John will actually be starting the New York festivities a day early with another rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner", this time before the New York Knicks-Sacramento Kings game at Madison Square Garden tonight.

In other news, a few openers have been confirmed for the West coast dates; singer-songwriter PJ Olsson is expected to open at both San Diego shows as well as the date at West Hollywood's House of Blues. Joining the band for their post-Thanksgiving California dates will be local favorite Particle, who will open in Anaheim and San Francisco. No openers have been announced for the recently-confirmed dates in Eugene, OR and Seattle, nor has information been released on the band's post-Irving Plaza cross-country run; this information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.