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02-13-2003Tahoe shows debut two new songs; Band is now back in the studio

In their third annual "winter wonderland" shows in Nevada two weeks ago, the band officially kicked off 2003 with a pair of one-set shows to set the tone. Two new songs were debuted: "Dead Man Walking" and "I'll Come Around", and more promising is that other than the newest tunes, not a single song was repeated from night to night.

The band is presently heading back into the studio to lay down tracks for their seventh studio album. The producer of choice this time around is Don Gehman, perhaps most well-known for his work with John (Cougar) Mellencamp and Hootie & the Blowfish. Reports are that the band will record all of the new songs that were played on last year's tour, as well as recording as many completely new tunes, including some that are still in the writing process. At this time there is no schedule for release, but given John's travels to Italy with Jono Manson in March, at least rough cuts should be done by then.

In the meantime, work continues behind the scenes here at BluesTraveler.net. While many areas have gone without updating for quite some time, we finally have a core of dedicated and knowledgeable people working on making this site a leaner, meaner, database-driven machine. Much like with the new album, there's no schedule in place, but we're drawing closer by the day!