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06-17-2003Additions to Harp-N-Soul Raffle; Popper jams at Bonnaroo; Chant Poll has a new winner

From Audrey Jones and the Harp-N-Soul raffle:
Black Cat Spirit of Harp-n-Soul raffle is now accepting instrument donations which will be made to Little Kids Rock (www.littlekidsrocks.org). Little Kids Rock provides free music classes and musical instruments to children in our public elementary schools. Their unique program focuses on popular music styles such as rock, funk, blues, rap, and hip-hop. The curriculum reflects the diverse cultural backgrounds of the students. Participating students also compose, perform and record their own music. Donated instruments will be quickly put in the hands of their students and/or auctioned off to raise funds to purchase basic instruments for the students.
In a separate announcement, Audrey also passed along the news that she had created a flyer to be passed out at shows on the summer tour to help spread word of the raffle, as well as the fact that the person making the largest donation to the raffle will win an acoustic guitar signed by John, Chan, and Brendan. For more information on the flyer or the guitar, please see the Harp-N-Soul Raffle web site.

In more list news, Marc Sykes announced the Chant Poll results on the blackcat list early this morning. We have a winner!

OK, I'm sure everyone is staying up late to sit by their computers for this one, so here you go, each song with total points first, and first-place votes in parentheses:
SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL EMPEROR         134      (19)
Conquer Me                         89       (9)
Love of My Life                    82       (8)
Escaping                           81       (6)
Circle                             79       (9)
Time to get out your chanting lungs and yell for Emperor!

In other news, John took some time after the band's recent shows in Tennessee to stop by Bonnaroo and jam with moe. on Sunday, in a reprise of last year's pre-USO Tour appearances. A setlist has yet to be posted, but one will be when it is available. It is not known if John sat in with other bands. Finally, according to the Denver Post, the 4th of July show from Red Rocks will be broadcast on Denver-based HDNet, a network for consumers with HDTV sets and cable or satellite connections. Click the link above for the whole article.