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06-26-2003Asbury Park show is a no go; Billboard article reveals a possible new track

Due to an employee at MusicToday's office jumping the gun, the Asbury Park ticket sales were posted prior to approval from the band, who had just received the offer last Friday. This show will not be happening, and refunds for tickets purchased should be coming shortly, including service fees. If you do not get your service charges refunded, please email tix@musictoday.com and make your voice heard. The band is very interested in a New Jersey date but nothing has been confirmed yet for that date or any other date this summer.

In other news, an article on Billboard.com cites a track titled "Partner in Crime" which has been in rotation on the most recent tour dates, but does not appear on the track listing available on allmusic.com and mtv.com. Logic would dictate that the band only be playing new material that will be released, but it is unknown how "Partner in Crime" will fit into the track listing for Truth Be Told. The article also mentions "This Ache" and "Can't Get Free" (sic) and lists the band's tour dates as released thus far. A final tidbit from the article reveals that according to Nielsen Soundscan, Bridge has sold a mere 137,000 copies to date.