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07-21-2003Letterman appearance upcoming; Album pre-order available; Southwest dates added to schedule

Sources have confirmed that the band will be making their seventeenth appearance on Letterman this week; the band will visit the Ed Sullivan Theater this Wednesday, July 23rd. They are expected to play the first single off of Truth Be Told, "Let Her & Let Go". As always, the show airs at 11:30pm EDT on your local CBS affiliate; the band will probably not go on until close to 12:20 but John will likely sit in all night with the CBS Orchestra, as is his custom.

Blues Traveler has announced that their new album is now available for pre-order through their online distributor of choice, MusicToday. By ordering through the online store, fans will also get a limited edition Truth Be Told keychain. There is also a pre-order available through amazon.com where purchasers can get an immediate stream of the entire album to their computer. However, this download is limited to users of PC-compatible computers. View the link above for more details.

The tour schedule is beginning to flesh out for later in August; the official site has recently announced shows in Poughkeepsie, NY; Norfolk, VA and New Orleans as well as a pair of shows in the southwest, in Albuquerque, NM and Tempe, AZ. It will no doubt fill in even a little more in the coming weeks as the record release buzz continues to build.