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09-26-2003Fall tour kicks off tomorrow; News & download updates; Popper appearances - Chris Barron and Monday Night Football

The band has been laying low for the past two weeks as they prepare for their fall tour, which officially kicks off tomorrow at the Big Spring Jam in Huntsville, Alabama. From there the band swings north to Cincinnati and Louisville before returning south of the Mason-Dixon line for the balance of October. More dates are expected to be announced for the end of October, but at the moment it is unclear if and when the band plans to follow through on guitarist Chan Kinchla's assertion that they would be doing their first-ever shows at New York's Beacon Theatre and/or returning to Boston's Orpheum Theatre. Plans are rumored to be in the works for a tour through November, as is customary, but at the moment the last concrete date on the schedule is October 18th in Dallas, Texas. Stay tuned here for the latest developments, as we have reinstated the "NEW" designation on the main page for guidance on when a section is updated.

You may have noticed that the news section is now fully functional and the individual news stories have a slightly different feel and appearance to them - the last three month's worth of news have been integrated into the database, and stories should be much easier to add in the future. Also new to the site are some links in the downloads section - for the first time in years, there is a public FTP site open for any and all Blues Traveler fans to download shows in SHN and FLAC format. Shows date back as far as late 1989, and run through the years to the most recent tour. Many kudos to Mike Lewin for opening his site to all interested. For those of you who prefer the BitTorrent protocol, we have started listing links to BitTorrent downloads hosted elsewhere on the web. Please note that no shows are hosted here - if you are unable to download them properly, please contact the respective siteops, or notify us that a BitTorrent has ended so that we may remove the link.

As always when the band is off the road, John Popper continues to make appearances in a variety of places. While the rumors of him popping up at Dave Matthews Band's recent free Central Park concert did not pan out, he did sit in with old friend Chris Barron on Wednesday night at the Sidewalk Cafe in New York City, for an intimate evening of music. The setlist consisted of tunes penned by Barron, including one he wrote with John for the recently-released Truth Be Told, "Sweet & Broken". The latest tidbit comes thanks to a user of the new message board - John Popper is slated to make an appearance on Monday Night Football with Detroit Lions quarterback Joey Harrington and singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, in a contest against San Diego Charters defensive end Marcellus Wiley, who will be performing with rapper DMC and singer Vic Damone. Tune in during halftime to catch the contest.