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09-30-2003A victory on Monday Night Football

The trio of John Popper, Chan Kinchla and Joey Harrington teamed up last night during Monday Night Football's "Monday At The Mic" to defeat Marcellus Wiley and DMC by an 83%-17% margin. The program, which aired during halftime of the Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears game, featured a verse of John, Chan and Joey's rendition of "Felicia", recorded at Harrington's benefit concert this past June 26th at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR. "Felicia" matched up against one of Wiley's own creations, "Now, Now", featuring DMC as guest rapper. The next competition, to be played during the Indianapolis Colts-Tampa Bay Buccaneers; will pit St. Louis Rams offensive tackle Kyle Turley and rock band 3 Doors Down against Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker Martin Gramatica, his brother Bill of the Arizona Cardinals, and guitar legend Carlos Santana. Several pairings will eventually yield three finalists, to be voted on during the season finale of Monday Night Football on December 15, pitting the Philadelphia Eagles against the Miami Dolphins.