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10-15-2003New release date and track listing for Blues Traveler - On The Rocks

Blues Traveler - On The Rocks is slated for release on November 18th, but thanks to a tip from Nik Majdan on the Blues Traveler message board, we now know that the band's first-ever DVD can be pre-ordered from various sites, including Amazon.com ($25.48) or CD Universe ($20.99). The double-disc set chronicles the band's 2003 Red Rocks experience, including most (but possibly not all) of the band's July 4th performance, in Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. Additional footage was shot in and around the venue, both before and during the two-day stand, including interviews of fans, the band, and members of the crew. It is also expected to include various photo galleries of Red Rocks performances past and present, and possibly some footage from John Popper and Chan Kinchla's acoustic sets in the area before the Red Rocks shows. The track list, as given on CD Universe (keen-eyed fans will notice the omissions of "My Blessed Pain" and a rendition of "No Woman, No Cry", featuring Ziggy Marley on vocals):

1. Carolina Blues
2. You Lost Me There
3. Save His Soul
4. Hook
5. The Star-Spangled Banner
6. Love & Greed
7. All Hands
8. Let Her & Let Go
9. Crystal Flame
10. Pattern
11. Support Your Local Emperor
12. This Ache
13. Bagheera
14. Eventually (I'll Come Around)
15. Slow Change
16. Unable To Get Free
17. The Mountains Win Again
18. Felicia
19. Can't See Why You Reach Me
20. Crash Burn
21. Sweet & Broken
22. Thinnest Of Air
23. Brother John
At this point it is unknown if track 19 contains both "Can't See Why" and "You Reach Me" or if this is a typo and each song has its own track.