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11-18-2003Blues Traveler on iTunes & Napster; Popper goes in-studio with Buddahead; More on Vega film; John featured in 2004 KBCO calendar

According to blackcat listmember Chris McLaren, studio recordings of Blues Traveler can now be found online legally for the first time. Both Apple's iTunes as well as the recently-resurrected Napster service offer a full complement of the band's studio tracks, including cuts from all six studio albums, Live From The Fall, the greatest-hits compilation Travelogue and several singles (Run-Around, Hook, and Canadian Rose). While more tracks are currently available on Napster (127, compared to iTunes' 116), iTunes does have the advantage of "album" deals wherein users can buy a complete album for $9.99 rather than 99 cents per track. Visit apple.com/itunes or napster.com for more details.

Zack Scott reports that John Popper visited Buddahead in the studio earlier this month to lay down harmonica and backing vocals for the Philadelphia band's debut album. Popper will appear on at least one track, "Invisible", which does not yet seem to be posted to the audio area of their site. Look for Crossing The Invisible Line, which will hit the streets this coming February, on Sanctuary Records.

Following up on the previous story about the Suzanne Vega documentary, producer Christopher Seufert reports:

I'm a huge Popper fan and was thrilled to find him playing at Suzanne Vega's memorial to her brother last December.

I have several multi-camera Popper tracks that may show up on a benefit DVD for the Here Gallery and I imagine some of his comments about Suzanne's brother Tim Vega will show up in the documentary I'm producing about Suzanne's life, both on and off the road. It's a snapshot of one year in her life and [he] was there for part of it. To answer your question, I predict we're looking at a feature film release in late 2004 - first to festivals and theaters, and then possibly to a place like HBO.

Here're some links where you can see more about the project

Rolling Stone


and you can see the latest clips at http://homepage.mac.com/mooncusser/Vega/iMovieTheater111.html

Finally, John makes another appearance in Colorado, but in print only - Wendy Johannesen notes that Boulder radio station KBCO-FM is selling a limited-edition calendar for the holidays that includes a shot of John Popper. Popper is Mr. May, leaning against a wall in the studio, casually playing the harmonica. Shots of other artists by photographer Tim Jackson include Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, REM and more. The calendar costs $13, and helps raise money for the Emergency Family Assistance Association.