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11-20-2003Blues Traveler to appear on The Sharon Osbourne Show; New Budnick book to include interview with the band

Sources have confirmed recently that Blues Traveler will make a showing on The Sharon Osbourne Show. While a date has not yet been set, indications are that the appearance will be filmed in early December and aired shortly thereafter. Given that the band has a concert scheduled in Cupertino for December 11th, odds are good that the appearance will fall around that time frame. For more information on when the WB-based program airs in your area, check the listings on the show's web site.

Rolling Stone also reports that an interview with Blues Traveler, among others, will be part of Dean Budnick's Jambands: The Complete Guide to the Players, Music, and Scene. Budnick's Jam Bands: North America's Hottest Live Groups Plus How to Tape and Trade Their Shows (published in 1998) was one of the first to attempt a compilation of the far-ranging genre as well as the subculture of live recording and trading. It is not clear if this latest publication is an entirely new work or merely a new edition, but the new volume hits stores on January 6th and is available for pre-order now.