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12-05-2003Update & more info on Wasserman & Popper gig in San Francisco

BluesTraveler.net has learned that the recently-announced "Wasserman Sessions" has yet another Blues Traveler family connection - front of house engineer Bo Mahoney has played an integral part in arranging the first of what will hopefully be many shows. Mahoney has been working for Blues Traveler for fifteen years and has been a fixture behind the board for the last five, but it was actually his friendship with Rob Wasserman that got him involved in this project, and led him to bring John Popper in as part of the first session.

The inaugural gig may have some other musicians dropping in for guest spots, both local talent as well as nationally-known artists within the scene but no names have been confirmed as of yet. Would-be guessers are encouraged to check Jambase or Pollstar for other bands touring in the area to see who might drop by. If all goes well, Wasserman and crew plan to make these regular monthly sessions with other artists coming to town, including other guests from the bassist's extensive list of friends and collaborators. Tickets for the December 15th show went on sale earlier this week through Slim's web site. Tapers are welcomed and encouraged to attend!