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12-30-2003Popper appearance on Jason Mraz DVD & live album confirmed

In an article published on MTV's web site, Jason Mraz confirmed that his rendition of "Curbside Prophet" performed with John Popper at the Rave in Milwaukee this past October 28th will be on his upcoming DVD. "It was just a regular night of us just clocking in, doing our job, but at the end of the night we always have such a great time," Mraz said. "John Popper from Blues Traveler stopped by to blow his horn, and we had the Ohio Players horn section actually blow their horns. The kids jumping up and down. It was a great, great time." Mraz then went on to mention that that particular rendition of the tune will be his next single, and the DVD cut may even serve as the video for the single. A release date for the DVD (and accompanying live album) has yet to be announced.