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01-16-2004Spring/summer tour dates and a return to Tahoe in the works; "Sweet & Broken" to be next single; European DVD release date set

Tour dates for 2004 are in the works according to the latest news at the official site. Despite some uncertainty of whether or not the band's annual Tahoe gigs would go on, it seems that they will proceed as they have for the past three years since the tradition began in early 2001. In the past these gigs have served to kick the rust off and debut a few new tunes - the 2001 shows saw the premieres of "Boogie On, Reggae Woman", "Back In The Day" and "You Lost Me There"; 2002 showcased the rare "Spinning Spiraling Machine" and "Just Wait", while 2003 brought the first look at "Partner In Crime" and "Eventually". Also on the band's schedule are east and west coast dates, although whether these are a winter or spring tour remains to be seen. Some rumors do have the band returning to the northeast after last year's fall tour was postponed for the arrival of Chan and Serena's second child but venues have yet to be confirmed.

The article went on to announce that "Sweet & Broken" will be released as the second single off of Truth Be Told, following up "Let Her & Let Go". The single will hit radios on January 26th, by which time tour dates should be announced. According to their publicist, the band is also planning a spring and summer tour where the band will be hitting sheds and festivals across the country. The record label also announced that the official European release date of the two-DVD set Thinnest of Air has been set for February 23rd.