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02-10-2004Spring tour dates roll out; JPP webcast ready to go for Thursday; John Popper tours hometown in latest issue of Relix

Nearly twenty new dates were added to Blues Traveler's spring tour today in an announcement on the official site. While few of these are officially confirmed, the band's office decided to release the dates en masse to get the information out the fans. Several of these dates have already changed around so the advice from the band is to keep an eye on the official calendar for the latest in confirmed dates. Among the movement between the two announcements already made today:
  • An early release had two dates for the band's shows in Tahoe - April 2nd and 3rd - while the later release cited only the 3rd.
  • The shows scheduled for March 24th and 25th, at Glenside's Keswick Theatre and Verona's Turning Stone Casino, have flip-flopped.
  • The Ruston, LA gig at Rabb's Steakhouse is not listed in the second release, while new dates in Austin, TX, Danbury, CT, New York, NY, Columbus, OH and Indianapolis, IN were added between the first and second announcements.
With the exception of the first week of touring, the remainder of these dates are considered firm but not official, so check back frequently as the schedule is updated.

Two last-minute bits of news come down from the folks who are putting on the John Popper Project shows. The webcast, which will be an audio-only production, is officially on for the Thursday show. Both will be recorded for posterity and the second will be available live through the newly-launched domain johnpopper.net (artwork by old friend Darren Greene) - the /webcast directory where you can listen to the proceedings is not yet active but will be in time for the show. Tune in tomorrow night at 9:30! Also, a SECOND show has been announced for Suite 16; the show is next Monday, February 16th, and tickets can be purchased starting tonight at the venue.

Finally, you can take a tour of John Popper's hometown with John as your tour guide in the latest issue of Relix. The article isn't available online but shows a different side of the band in profiling their Princeton upbringing. Thanks to article author Mike Greenhaus for the tip!