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02-17-2004John Popper Project shows and recordings abound; John sits in with Stir Fried; New Tim Vega exhibition announced & more Vega news

The past seven days made for a Popper-filled week in the New York/New Jersey area as the John Popper Project made its debut in style. Following the debut gig on the 11th and the next night's gig at the Conduit in Trenton, John returned to NYC for a late-night set with Project Logic at the Blue Note, and ended up back where it began five days earlier with a repeat appearance at New York's Suite 16, featuring guests including a certain former drummer for Jimi Hendrix. All three shows were recorded by the folks at johnpopper.net and the last two are available for streaming download on their webcast page. Both Suite 16 sets are also available for download via BitTorrent - 02-11-04, and 02-16-04 as is the Project Logic set from the 14th. Hop on these quickly!

A post to the Jambands.com message board mentioned that John was expected to sit in with New York band Stir Fried the night of the 11th, although the venue was not mentioned. A search reveals that John is expected to sit in with them again at Kelly's Pub in Tappan this coming Friday, according to the band's web site. Continuing with the sit-in thread, John will also reportedly be joining old friend and former Sheryl Crow guitarist Todd Wolfe at tonight's release party for his new CD Delaware Crossing. The party will be held - where else? - at Suite 16.

In BT family news, there will be another exhibition featuring art by the late Tim Vega coming to the New York area next month. The love is the message gallery will be hosting a reception at 8pm on March 2nd and display Tim's art for the remainder of the week, through at least March 6th. Fans may remember the final show of 2002 featuring a solo performance by John Popper at New York's HERE Arts Center; that show was also in the memory of Tim Vega and featured his artwork (some of which can be viewed here). The web site of Tim's sister Suzanne also mentions that the documentary done by Christopher Seufert of Mooncusser Films - featuring footage from the HERE show - is expected to wrap up shooting early this year and be released soon.