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05-28-2004Blues Traveler to appear on Dog Train compilation CD; 3rd annual Black-cat Spirit of HarpnSoul raffle now underway

According to a story in today's Kansas City Star, Blues Traveler has been asked to appear on a CD that will accompany the latest book from children's author and greeting-card illustrator Sandra Boynton. Her previous title, Philadelphia Chickens, featured original songs sung by stars such as Meryl Streep, the Bacon Brothers, and Kevin Kline among many others. For the upcoming songbook, titled Dog Train, Boynton has instead enlisted several of her favorite musical groups, including Blues Traveler. "I'm presuming the book has some noble vision," Boynton said in the Star interview, "but it's really so I can work with all these bands I love." No release date has been announced yet for Dog Train or the accompanying CD.

Also, "Keeper Of The Harp" Audrey Jones reminds us that it's time once again for the annual "Black-cat Spirit of HarpnSoul" raffle. As with past years, the current winner (Dave Rogers) has generously donated the harmonica, originally signed by John Popper for a benefit auction in 1996, back to the raffle. Last year's prizes included an autographed guitar, concert posters, T-shirts, CD-R's (either blank or burned with the winner's choice of music) and other memorabilia generously donated by blackcat listers and members of the Blues Traveler family. All proceeds benefit VH1's "Save The Music" Fund, and "Little Kids Rock", an organization that accepts donated instruments to give to school music programs. For more information on this year's raffle, visit the newly-updated site at www.harpnsoul.com.