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07-20-2004Summer tour recap to date; August & September dates added; New live album released on 7/13; Other rumors and innuendoes

Summer tour is in full swing! After kicking off the tour with two Pacific Northwest shows on this year's "run to Red Rocks", the band packed Delaney's in Denver with a free show to promote their "Picture Yourself In Prague" contest, and followed it up the next day with a three-band, five-hour Red Rocks extravaganza featuring the live debut of the ultimate cover tune, Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird". The July 4th show also saw the return of "Lucky Lack" after a six-year absence, thanks to sources in the Blues Traveler camp eavesdropping on the annual black-cat list "Chant Poll". After departing Colorado, the band kicked off a brief shed tour with fellow blues-rockers the North Mississippi Allstars and Big Head Todd & the Monsters. The collaboration between the three bands reached its peak at the July 15th show in Gilford, NH, when Blues Traveler joined Big Head Todd & the Monsters on stage for a double-band rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Fool In The Rain", and then seamlessly jammed into their own set without the music stopping. Each Monster dropped out of the jam one by one, with drummer Brian Nevin and keyboardist Corey Mauser leaving the stage on wheels as crews pushed their risers off while still playing. The band then segued into "The Path" and never looked back. The triple bill plays its last show of the summer together tomorrow night at the Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA.

Meanwhile, Blues Traveler continues their summer tour - plans at present call for them to tour through the end of the month, take a week off, and then launch into a mix of festival, club and shed dates that is expected to carry them into October. Dates added since the previous update include shows into the midwest, down south and up the east coas. Many have been confirmed through the official site, but some are still pending confirmation, so as always, call ahead. Full venue and ticket information for these dates is available on the Tour Dates page.
  • 08/07 Bushwacker Festival, Pensacola, FL
  • 08/09 Zydeco, Birmingham, AL
  • 08/10 Free Bird Live, Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • 08/11 Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL
  • 08/13 Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, NC
  • 08/14 Pavilion Outdoor Theatre, Manteo, NC
  • 08/17 Northern Lights, Clifton Park, NJ
  • 08/18 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
  • 08/19 Magic City Music Hall, Johnson City, NY
  • 08/24 Playmakers Pavilion, Fargo, ND
  • 09/04 Tower City Amphitheater, Cleveland, OH
  • 09/30 Central Park Summerstage, New York, NY
This last date is expected to be the big fall date for the band - rumors are that the band had originally been promised a mid-summer date at Summerstage but had been shifted around several times until other confirmed obligations had it impossible. But at the July 12th show at the Knitting Factory, the band confirmed that a date had been set.

Amidst all the hoopla of starting the tour and promoting the free Pilsner Urquell shows, a new album by the band has somehow found its way into a music store near you. The new live disc, Live On The Rocks, contains selected cuts from the Thinnest Of Air DVD released last year, and is heavier on the new material, although the then-single "Sweet & Broken" is curiously absent, and Ziggy Marley is reportedly uncredited for his appearance on "No Woman, No Cry". The album hit stores on July 13th and can also be purchased on line.

Finally, in the rumor and innuendo department, word is circulating that after five years without one, the band may be starting a new tradition of New Year's Eve shows. Reports are that the band has been asked to play a New Year's gig in Memphis this year, although no venue has been announced. Also unconfirmed is whether there will be one show or multiple dates as had been done in the past. One other date in circulation is a September 2nd show at New York's Planet Hollywood - more information will be published here as it becomes available.