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09-08-2004Fall tour ends with private and public shows; Plans revealed for the rest of 2004; BT.net setlist archive completely updated; Truth Be Told coming out in "dual disc" format

Blues Traveler wrapped up the majority of their fall tour this past week with a string of private shows and a double shot of festival dates, capped by an appearance at moe.down 5 in Turin, NY. After corporate appearances in Chicago and Las Vegas, the band played the Planet Hollywood in Times Square, took a brief detour to the Taste of Cleveland two days later, and returned to upstate New York for the tour's end. While in Vegas, John also guested with up-and-coming band ...Of A Revolution, sitting in with the group on "Anyway" at their tour stop at the House of Blues in Sin City.

While two more dates are scheduled for later this fall - a September 30th show at New York's Central Park Summerstage and an October 2nd appearance at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado - the band is expected to take a break this fall before hunkering down for the better part of a month at an undisclosed location to write new tunes for their eighth studio album. An article in the Sioux City Journal late last month quoted keyboardist Ben Wilson as saying "We might do some sporadic gigs, but we are going to hole up for three or three and a half weeks at a spot yet to be determined and start writing some songs." The band's future sound then came up in a later quote: "It's not that you're writing songs for the radio, but once you kind of get an idea of what it takes, this is more speaking to John than anyone else, I think it is hard to get away from trying to match that. There is also some talk of throwing it all to the wind and getting back to a total jam band kind of record. The proof is in the pudding and as we write the songs and as we get closer to having a producer and knowing what songs we are going to record, who knows where it could end up."

BluesTraveler.net is proud to announce that for the first time since our relaunch over a year ago, our setlist archive is finally updated with the past year and a half of setlists. Whereas setlists were originally only available through February of 2003, they have now been added up to and including the most recent fall tour, including information on opening bands, guest artists, show and song comments, and more. We appreciate everyone's patience and contributions over that time frame and are happy to see everything coming together and working so smoothly. We have also added dozens and dozens of scanned setlists, ticket stubs, posters and backstage passes, as well as fixing various errors on the lyrics, discography and song info pages. Some of the song search displays are still not working as they should, but if any errors or problems crop up, please let us know at bt at bluestraveler dot net. More memorabilia and information is still being added, so if you have scans you've been sitting on, now is the time to send them in!

Finally, following up on the earlier release of Truth Be Told in DVD-Audio format, an article in the UK publication High Fidelity Review reveals that Sanctuary Records will be rereleasing the album again in the all-new "dual disc" format. One side of the standard-size disc will contain the regular 16-bit CD version, while the other side will contain the full 24-bit DVD-Audio recording. The recording is scheduled for a November 2nd release on Silverline Records, who also released the original DVD-Audio disc.