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11-23-2004John busy with Trick or Treat, Particle, Gov't Mule; 2004-2005 rumors; New BT.net additions

All has been quiet on the Blues Traveler front lately, as the band's winter hibernation has kept them off the road since one final Red Rocks appearance on October 2nd. As is usually the case, however, John has continued to make appearances all around the country, both planned and unplanned. After popping up during Spearhead's opening set at Red Rocks (which can be downloaded here, incidentally), John briefly took to the road with new friend Rob Wasserman for a pair of shows as "Trick or Treat", opening for Particle on October 30th and 31st in Jim Thorpe, PA and Boston, MA. Both John and Rob would eventually sit in for several songs of Particle's set on both nights, including the Halloween bash featuring several of the bands' favorite television theme songs. Then just this past weekend, John revisited his friends in Particle, this time joining them at Graceland in Seattle on Saturday the 20th on "Woke Up This Morning", "Whole Lotta Love" and "Silver Lining". The night before, he had showed up at the Showbox to guest with Gov't Mule, blowing harp on "32-20 Blues", "Hide Your Love Away", "Sco-Mule", and returning for the first encore with Heart guitarist Jeff Fisher to play "Going Down" and "Jesus Just Left Chicago".

In the meantime, the band is expected to be heading into the studio soon to begin work on their next album. No location or timetable have been announced as of yet, but this may not happen until the new year, as rumors place the band on a USO-type relief tour for a couple of weeks in December, although this has not yet been confirmed. The once-mentioned New Year's Eve plans in Memphis appear unfortuantely to have been a bogus claim, as nothing else was ever announced that would support the months-old rumor. One other rumor that is sure to pan out has the band playing their first European tour in eight years; the winners for the "Picture Yourself In Prague" contest have been announced on Pilsner Urquell's web site - at first glance, one winner was announced for each location, as well as one winner specifically from the Blues Traveler part of the contest. The show is expected to take place sometime during the summer of 2005.

Finally, additional work has been going on behind the scenes here at BluesTraveler.net - we have added literally hundreds of pieces of memorabilia to the various sections of the archive - backstage passes, setlists, ticket stubs, posters, shirts and other random pieces - if you haven't visited for a while, take a look through the newly improved archive and relive Traveler days past. We are also now in the process of adding various news stories, interviews and other items to the media area, so keep checking back over the coming weeks to get caught up on the more recent news stories.