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06-02-2005Dog Train track listing and cover now available; New July dates added, but Prague/Europe taken away; CHANT POLL 2005 winner announced

As reported on this site over a year ago and in a follow-up seven months ago, Blues Traveler will be headlining a new CD from author and artist Sandra Boynton, entitled Dog Train. The CD, which will accompany a book by the same name, is slated for release in October despite several tracks apparently still remaining unrecorded. A full track listing and a sneak peek at the cover can now be seen at Boynton's site. Thanks to Heather C. for the tip.

In touring news, the schedule giveth, and the schedule taketh away. While two new dates are added for July - a July 12th date in Poughkeepsie, NY and a July 23rd date in New Haven, CT - the unfortunate news was revealed this morning, through a post to the message board, that the band's European tour has fallen by the wayside. With Pilsner Urquell originally willing to pay for the band to fly to Europe and back, the band had planned on scheduling a brief tour of Europe around the Prague date. But sources indicate that the company had a change of heart and of opinion about making the show happen, and as a result the plans are dashed for the band's first European tour since 1997. However, all hope is not lost - the bearer of bad news left a silver lining in that the band is considering next spring instead. Given the fact that ¡Bastardos! will be firmly entrenched by then in the US market, the new label may well want to promote the album abroad, and thus pay the band's way across the Atlantic. Stay tuned.

Finally, in one of the closest votes ever, none other than the old Wetlands/Nightingale classic "Love Of My Life" is the 2005 CHANT POLL winner. After whittling it down to five finalists, "Love Of My Life" won out by a single vote over "I Have My Moments". Run-Around CD-5 partners "Escaping" and "Trust In Trust" finished in a third-place tie, while "Closing Down The Park" brought up the rear.