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10-20-2005The fall tour so far; How to request Amber Awaits on your local station; BT coming up on HOB Radio Hour and Austin City Limits; New tour dates added in IL, KY and SD plus in-stores in CO and OR

So much time, so much to catch up on...

The band is a little over halfway through their first true fall tour in three years, and nearly every set is running a solid two hours plus an encore. While rumor has it that the days of the two-set show are over - the band reportedly feels that too much energy is lost during the set break - you get more or less the same amount of music per night anyway. Expect to see setlists heavy on ¡Bastardos! material but with some rarities tossed in - several songs such as "Whoops", "Yours", "Psycho Joe", and "Sweet Pain" have made appearances at two or three shows on the tour, and while most shows will include "Money Back Guarantee", "Amber Awaits", and "Can't Win True Love", the band is giving nearly all ¡Bastardos! tracks a shot - "Children Of The Night" has made a few appearances along with "You Can't Stop Thinking About Me". The lone holdout is "Leaning In", which some are jokingly calling the new "Mount Normal".

Speaking of "Amber Awaits", the band has been playing it left, right, and center - appearances on Last Call with Carson Daly, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Howard Stern, Cold Pizza, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, and FOX & Friends have all yielded public exposure for the "Amber Awaits" and ¡Bastardos! - a Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance even saw the band change things up with "After What". If you want to do your part, the band has assembled a list of stations that have the song in rotation - if you're so inclined, call up and give them good feedback on the song!

And speaking of the radio, a recent newsletter from Street Team headquarters revealed that House of Blues is putting on a full-court press for the band this fall. In addition to playing a sizeable percentage of their shows in HOB-related venues, the House of Blues Radio Hour Blues Break featured "Rubberneck" on its October 11th edition. Coming up on October 27th, the Blues Break is expected to feature "She And I". And some time in the coming weeks, the House of Blues Radio Hour itself will run an interview with John and Chan as well as a feature on ¡Bastardos! - a schedule has yet to be announced but will be posted here when available.

If radio isn't enough to get your BT fix, and if one-song TV appearances don't do the trick either, the band filmed an appearance for the Austin City Limits television show while they were in Austin last month. The Austin City Limits series has been a fixture on PBS for nearly 30 years, and inspired the ACL Festival that the band recently played. After playing their set on Friday the 23rd, the band stuck around for a few days and then paid a visit to the TV studios on Monday the 26th. Their setlist can be seen here to whet your appetite; the show will air on January 14th according to a recently-released schedule.

Finally, the band has added several shows to their tour over the past few weeks - most recently and most importantly for Chicago travelers. The band had been booked for a private show at the House of Blues in Chicago this Sunday, October 23rd. This show has now been opened to the public and ticket prices reduced to $25. So calling all Chicagoland fans - get your tickets now! Other recent additions include November 14th in Lexington, KY; November 19th in Vermillion, SD; and a trio of free in-store performances and meet-and-greets in Boulder, CO and Eugene and Portland, OR. Check out the tour page for more information.