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08-29-2006?Bastardos en Vivo EP released; John Popper Project release date confirmed, new songs available, and possible tour dates coming soon

With very little fanfare, Vanguard Records released ¡Bastardos en Vivo! today. The six-track EP features five live cuts from ¡Bastardos! recorded this past spring and summer, as well as a previously-unreleased cover tune, "The Devil Went Down To Georgia". The EP is only available through independent record stores, so check the shelves of your local indie music shop, or consult the lists of Think Indie and/or the Coalition of Independent Music Stores to see where you can pick one up for a mere $7.

In other news, a release date has finally been set for the John Popper Project record. The still-untitled record will hit stores on October 3th courtesy of Relix Records. The YouTube clip mentioned in a previous news story here is still a good preview for the upcoming album (though the album is incorrectly pegged for a summer release date), or fans can now preview four songs through the band's page on myspace.com thanks to a recent update. Expect a brief John Popper Project tour this fall during the break between Blues Traveler's summer and fall tours.