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09-29-2006Lollapalooza set now available for download through iTunes; Gina sez... John's accident/JPP lyrics/JPP street team

For those of you who missed Blues Traveler's set at Lollapalooza last month - maybe you were stuck in a port-a-john while the band was playing, or couldn't get the live stream to work on your computer - there is now a solution. Blues Traveler and their management company have teamed up to sell the full set via iTunes for the low, low price of $5.99. Click on the link above for more information (it'll redirect you to the iTunes music store). If you're looking for the band's pre-Lolla show at the House of Blues, that's available on the Live Music Archive. Speaking of which, the band recently cracked 400 different shows to download on archive.org, so if you haven't stopped by recently, you've missed quite a bit!

Gina passes along a few notes from the home office in NYC. A recent Billboard article online offhandedly mentioned that John Popper and his brother had been involved in a head-on car collision over the weekend. Gina wanted to assure everyone that John and his brother are okay - seatbelts and airbags saved their lives, and they are at home, resting comfortably, if a bit sore. She also noted that there are a few errors in the liner notes for the John Popper Project's album, and is directing fans to a letter from John recently posted to the official site. Read on for an amusing note from John as well as a sneak peek into the JPP lyrics. Finally, Gina sez that if you're interested in joining the street team for the John Popper Project, contact Adam at Hardhead Management via email at streetteam@hardhead.com to get a package of posters, handbills and other promotional stuff with which to plaster your multi-state area.