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05-05-2007Review of the past four months; John Popper arrested in Washington State; Few details forthcoming about best-of acoustic album; John Popper Project/Blues Traveler tour dates; New live recordings in circulation

Welcome back and apologies for the lack of news updates over the past few months. New additions to the BluesTraveler.net family have occupied a lot of time lately, but for those of you starved for news, a review of the past four months...

John Popper was arrested in early March after his car was clocked driving 111 miles per hour in western Washington state. John was a passenger at the time, traveling back from Texas with his friend Brian Gourgeois, who was driving the car when it was pulled over. Despite the fuss made over John's rifles, handguns and knife, they were all licensed and stored properly in a locked, approved compartment. When all was said and done, Popper and Gourgeois were charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, and Gourgeois was also charged with reckless driving.

There has been no official update on the band's previously-mentioned acoustic album, but manager George Couri did refer to it as a "greatest hits acoustic album" in his comments following John's arrest in March. The band did take requests from their fans for tracks to be included on the upcoming album; indications are that a few suggestions were taken from the compiled list, several agreed with selections the band had already chosen, and the balance of the tracks will likely be the standbys that casual fans have come to know the band by. No release date or title has been announced as of yet but information will be posted as it becomes available.

The John Popper Project tour, meanwhile, covered eleven days in Colorado, taking a break for a private Blues Traveler show in Scottsdale, Arizona. A week after wrapping up the tour, John rejoined Blues Traveler to kick off the band's spring tour at a show in Las Vegas. The swing lasted three weeks and ended in Texarkana, TX; it will have another week in mid-May and a weekend showing in early June before the summer tour kicks off three weeks later. Dates are currently booked solid from June 23rd through July 19th, and a handful of dates are also confirmed in late July, August and September, including a two-night stand at Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater in Peachtree City, GA. JPP will be back on the road as well, with one date currently slated for August 1st in Lima, OH.

Thanks to the brave tapers who lug hundreds or even thousands of dollars of equipment to the shows, the Live Music Archive has been teeming with recent shows - the most recent additions include shows from Little Rock AR, Birmingham AL, Hattiesburg MS and even a private gig from Kissimmee FL. But not only can fans in attendance buy their own two-disc set for $15 right after the show, but now fans who were not in attendance may get a chance to enjoy them after all - apparently it is ok by the band to trade the live discs after the fact. Per their archive.org policy, the soundboards will not be uploaded there, but trading and torrenting will be permitted. Many thanks to the band for allowing taping and trading all these years, and for continuing to spread the music all by themselves.