Chris P. Remembers Bobby Sheehan

One of my close friends toured the west coast as a stand-up comic back around 12 years ago, and became very close to Blues Traveler after scoring the gig as their opener for the Cali leg of the tour. BT played a gig at my school (Keene State College - Keene, NH - 3/26/94 - - still looking for the show if anyone can help), as there was a serious fungus amongus that day), and then my friend Jim convinced the whole band, sans John who was in a motorcycle-accident-related wheelchair, to swing back to our fraternity house to pound beers. Despite the mushrooms, I threw together a little party, picking up a few kegs, inviting some hotties and getting some good classic rock into the DJ Booth. The guys who lived in our house stood around roasting one with the band, and then Chan and Brendan started circulating around the party. I look over behind the bar and see Bobby just sort of standing there looking morose and distracted. I go over and say:

"Hey, what's up, man? Great gig."

(Bobby): "Thanks. Not much, man. I'm pretty drunk."

(Me): "Me too...and I'm on mushrooms, to boot!"

(Bobby): "Wow...lucky you! I'd mess with you, but I'd rather pound beers."

(Me): "Me too. I ate them a long time ago, so I'm officially in the "drink 'til you're drunk instead of shrooming" part of my evening."

(Bobby): That's cool.

We then proceeded to each drink about 20 beers and roast another hooter. That's it. Not as poignant as the other submissions here, but it's the QUALITY...not the quantity...of a good story that makes it good.