Matthew Despres Remembers Bobby Sheehan

It was October 30, 1997, and with ticket clutched firmly in hand, I rushed off excitedly to my first Traveler show. From my view in the second row, I was in awe of the entire band, but being positioned in front of Bobby, he really held my attention. And n ow he has my heart. I never met him, but every time I have seen him since, the effect has been no less.

I love Bobby and the rest of the guys so much because he did something so few musicians do today: he truly cared about what he was playing and who he was playing for. I saw him send countless smiles down from the stage into the crowd, and lay down the abs olute heaviest and sweetest bass lines I have ever seen.

Booby Sheehan and Blues Traveler are and always will be a huge part of who I am. Happy, sad or confused...I can always find comfort in laying back with some BT on. He was a wonderful bass player, a wonderful person and a wonderful friend to many. I hope h is spirit finds comfort above and watches over us all as we smile and groove in honor of him. I think he would like that. Travel on....

-Matthew Despres