Chris Ellis Remembers Bobby Sheehan

Basically Enlightened
Chris Ellis

The leader of the band has died,
in its place no void denied.

Just sixteen
and without a care
The sound was warming
our shirts were bare

It left its cave
'round nine o' clock
Optimism its slave
ambition its frock

It reeked of energy
both raw and defined
Purged of sobreity
yet tight and refined

Soon many a mountain
and many a sky
Bled forth the sweet timbre
its soulful swoon decried

Though its true thump was heard
on few a top 40 station
It shook every shed
from its very its very foundation

Thousands of gyrations
all at once giving flight
To the flesh of the living
the queen of the night

Not even in Dixieland's
crescent-mooned light
Could another's felicity
have better taken flight

And though its resistance
brought the groove to an end
We still hold its ambiance
watching hubs slide and bend

So leave dreams dreamt
to lie where they stand
And role up a phatty
for thou phattest cat in the land