David Rogers Remembers Bobby Sheehan

16 Nov 1996 American Theatre St. Louis, MO

This was my fifth BT show and my first trip to St. Louis. I had met up with a few friends I had made at Red Rocks that year (my 2nd and 3rd shows) and we all headed directly in front of Bobby (these were my pre-taping days). The show was amazing, there was a great interaction between the band and the audience and basically I kept talking to Bobby all night. Especially when Rami Jaffee of the Wallflowers came out to encore. He was grooving along with Bobby to "The Weight" by The Band. At the end of the show Bobby looks at me and throws a harp right to me. It would've been my first harp but unfortunately it bounced out of my hand and landed somewhere behind me. On to the next night

17 Nov 1996

My friends go for a change of venue and head to Chan's side, but I had so much fun with Bobby and Rami I go right back to my spot from the night before. Another great show. We had yelled for Suite the previous night to which John said "If you don't hear something tonight...You *might* hear it tomorrow night!" and sure enough I got to hear Suite for my second time live. At the end of this show, as Bobby is throwing out harps I raise my hand again. He looks directly at me and says "You got one last night!" I tell him, "No...it bounced!" So this time he walks to the edge of the stage, reaches over as far as he can and puts it in my hand.

Even though I slept in my car on a cold November night (Thanks, Glenn!) :) and have been to roughly 30 shows including Red Rocks and NYE in NYC at MSG, these two shows still remain very high on my list. Mostly because I had so much fun with Bobby and with one simple gesture he made my night with my first harp.

So...Thanks Bobby. We miss you. And whenever I'm not taping, I'm always "forever FOB".

David Rogers