Ross Romero Remembers Bobby Sheehan

The very first time I saw Blues Traveler live was in October of 1995 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.  I was 11 years old, and to me BT was the greatest band I had ever heard (still are!). After the show I saw Bobby hanging out on the back stairs that led to the dressing room, so I started up the stairs, but this security guard named Jolly said "You can't come up this way."  But Bobby said "That's okay, Ross is with us." That made me feel really good, like I was a part of the BT family.
From then on whenever we saw Bobby he'd always remember we were coming from St. Louis and he'd always ask how the trip was, did we enjoy the show, etc.  I know he met tons of people, but he always remembered stuff like that, always made sure his fans felt like they were a part of BT too.
I took up playing the bass guitar because I loved Bobby's style of playing.  He was such a good soul, and is very much missed.

Thanks for the opportunity to write about Bobby,