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Hitdisc 060B


Track listing:
1. Peter Gabriel - Red Rain
2. Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction
3. Blues Traveler - Hook [LP Version]
4. Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days
5. Dream Theater - Lie
6. Tori Amos - Past The Mission
7. Sinead O'Connor - Fire On Babylon [Radio Version]
8. Keith Sweat (featuring Kut Klose) Get Up On It [Edit Of LP Version]
9. For Real - You Don't Know Nothin' [Edit]
10. Ill Al Skratch (featuring Brian McKnight) - I'll Take Her [Radio Version]
11. Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear [Radio Edit]
12. Barry White - Practice What You Preach [Edit]
13. Patti LaBelle - All This Love [Radio Version]
14. Men At Large - Let's Talk About It [Radio Remix]
15. Russ Freeman & the Rippingtons (featuring Jeffrey Osborne) - I'll Be Around
16. Da Youngsta's - Hip Hop Ride [Album Edit]

Songs by Blues Traveler or featuring a Blues Traveler member are:
3. Hook     

Date of release:  1994-12-31
Originally released on four