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Frequently Asked Questions Files

On these pages we have collected several files of Frequently Asked Questions about Blues Traveler and updated them for the relaunch of BluesTraveler.net. In this section, you will find:

  • Misha Rutman's Blues Traveler FAQ, perhaps the oldest fan document on the web. Misha created the first ever Blues Traveler web site (which has been preserved here thanks to the Wayback Machine at archive.org). He has generously permitted us to reproduce his hard work on this site, which you can see in the setlist archive, the news archive, and many other places. This document, updated for the first time since 1995, is the best resource for general questions about the band, their music, their history, and the Blues Traveler family.

  • Kevin Robbins' and Jason Millner's Trading FAQ, borrowed back from the official site. Over many years in the early to mid-90's, Kevin and Jason amassed some of the largest collections of live Blues Traveler recordings, and they were asked to create this document in 1996 for inclusion on bluestraveler.com shortly after its launch. This document reflects their experience and expertise with how best to acquire and trade Blues Traveler recordings, with some updates made to take into account the advent of electronic trading and the rise in use of digital formats.

  • Dave Bernreuther's blackcat list FAQ, formerly hosted at his old site, groovin@the.show, was created as an informational document about the blackcat mailing list. It originally spanned four separate sections worth of documents, but due to many references to listmembers no longer part of the list, it has been pared down to the essentials for now.

We also hope to eventually host a taping and converting FAQ, modeled on the standards of etree.org.