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Information on every recording Blues Traveler has released, and all known recordings made by members of Blues Traveler past and present. Includes an exhaustive listing of albums, singles, promotional releases, compilations and guest appearances.
Access a collection of Blues Traveler and BT-related mp3's; peruse a list of pointers on where to get the best BT on the Internet. This section will also contain information on Blues Traveler's taping policy and info on how to convert your recordings to SHN or FLAC.
Song info
Browse through a wealth of information on every song ever written or performed by Blues Traveler and their side projects. Studio and live lyrics, song meanings, year-by-year and overall song statistics, annotated lyrics for studio releases, and links to the discography.
View and download Blues Traveler guitar tablature from the first five albums in a variety of formats. Also contains links to harmonica key information, and where to buy BT harmonica tablature. Contributions are more than welcome since we're not guitar players!