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Blues Traveler
Travelers & Thieves
Travelers & Thieves/On Tour Forever
Save His Soul
Live From The Fall
Straight On Till Morning
Live: What You And I Have Been Through
Travelogue: Blues Traveler Classics
Truth Be Told
Live: Thinnest Of Air
Live On The Rocks
¡Bastardos en Vivo!
Cover Yourself
North Hollywood Shootout
Suzie Cracks the Whip
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John Popper songs
While John has written the majority of songs for Blues Traveler, you can also view song info for his solo album Zygote, for various songs he wrote for his solo acoustic sets (some of which later became Blues Traveler or John Popper Band tunes), as well as other songs he co-authored with other musicians for other groups.
Cover tunes
They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Find out how Blues Traveler has flattered groups like Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and even the Grateful Dead, with a look at Blues Traveler cover tunes.
Unreleased songs
Although many of these songs have been retired, it's always a treat to see an unreleased song (not working yet, sorry!) in concert. From the earliest tunes on their demos that never made it past the Blues Band days, to the songs you'll only find on an old dusty concert tape to the most recent in-show jams that will be on an upcoming album, you'll find them all here.
All songs
Not sure which album a song is on? Maybe you only know the title. Or perhaps you're not sure if the song is by Blues Traveler, one of their side projects, or another band altogether... Find it here at the list of all songs, or you can even use our lyrics search engine (coming soon).