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Blues Traveler tablature

Please note that only the first five albums and the CD-5 are complete at this time. They were generously transcribed by Josh Himmelsbach (BT, TnT, SHS, four, Run-Around) and Chris Allinson/David Reed (SOTM). Matt Falzone (Just For Me, Sweet & Broken and Let Her & Let Go), Paul Rid (Girl Inside My Head) and Neal Plews (12 Swords and Tip the Domino) have provided some additional tablature for more recent releases. Several songs' worth of bass tablature for four have also been collected from various sites on the web.

If you'd like to know what harp to use for a given song, check out the harp page, which is based on Zack Scott's old site, with some updates from Rob Lowe. This page now has links to selected harmonica tablature as well, with great thanks to Scott Rakowski and a few others. We at BT.Net are not musicians, so until someone else offers to do so, we do not have tablature for other songs. Submissions are more than welcome!

Blues Traveler

Travelers & Thieves

Save His Soul


Run-Around CD-5

Straight On Till Morning


Truth Be Told


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