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07/13/2009Red Rocks news: The return of Gotta Get Mean>Gloria, tributes to Michael Jackson and sit-ins from old friends
Twitter and MySpace posts reveal plans for 2010 and beyond
What\'s in store for the rest of 2009
05/26/20092009 - the year to date
Blues Traveler plans for May, June, July and August, including Red Rocks
John sits in with Chris Barron
Mourning the loss of recent collaborator Jay Bennett
02/16/2009Info on BluesTraveler.net updates and future projects
2008 wrap-up and North Hollywood Shootout info
2009 plans for John and the rest of the band
06/21/2008New album title and release date announced
Several new songs make their live debuts
Summer tour plans finalized - and fall tour plans ahead
04/17/20082007 wrapup and 2008 so far
John Popper Project tour, tape, Global Noize and Z Rock
Wetlands Preserved DVD released
Spring and summer tour to feature Collective Soul and Live
BT confirmed for Lollapalooza
10/04/2007Release information for Cover Yourself
Fall 2007 tour is upon us - new dates & opener information
07/12/2007Flash drives and new arrangements at Red Rocks
Lots of acoustic best-of album news
John joins the Endless Peaks Music Experience, may have charges dropped from March arrest
06/27/2007More summer tour dates added, including John Popper Project dates
Blues Traveler appearing on CONCERT.tv through July 15th and possibly on Cox cable
John Popper jams on new Stolen Ogre release
05/15/2007Red Rocks tickets available and opener announced
John to appear on new Sesame Street DVD
John Popper Project will rock on the Hudson River in August
05/05/2007Review of the past four months
John Popper arrested in Washington State
Few details forthcoming about best-of acoustic album
John Popper Project/Blues Traveler tour dates
New live recordings in circulation
01/26/2007Happy New Year!
Late 2006 recap - Xmas Jam & Operation Season\'s Greetings
Studio writing session, acoustic album & upcoming tour dates
Get your studio BT fix on compilations and downloads
11/28/2006Sean Giblin, member of Traveler family, dies at 43
11/27/2006The newest addition to the Traveler family arrives
Band plays two shows as a foursome as a result
Live CDs offered for sale on the recently-completed fall tour
John joins NH benefit and then tours Iraq & Qatar with Operation Season's Greetings
11/07/2006Announcing... the 18th Anniversary Project
11/05/2006John Popper Project tour draws to a close
John to tour once more with Operation Season's Greetings
Jamming with the Hometown Sweethearts in Madison
10/20/2006John Popper Project now touring and appearing on Sirius
Blues Traveler to appear on album tribute to The Band
09/29/2006Lollapalooza set now available for download through iTunes
Gina sez... John's accident/JPP lyrics/JPP street team
09/25/2006BluesTraveler.net selected as Jambands.com Fan Site of the month
John Popper Project tour dates officially announced
Blues Traveler show in Stamford, CT cancelled
08/29/2006?Bastardos en Vivo EP released
John Popper Project release date confirmed, new songs available, and possible tour dates coming soon
08/03/2006Wetlands Preserved to screen in Providence
Summer tour details and fall tour additions
Live webcast from Lollapalooza
06/06/2006Summer tour nearly finalized
Fall tour to be in theaters?
Promotional video for John Popper Project surfaces on YouTube with new album details
04/16/2006High-profile festivals
Spring/summer tour dates
Archive.org approval!
04/11/2006Blues Traveler in Wetlands Preserved and Austin City Limits CD/DVD
John guests on new release from Culann's Hounds
02/11/20062006 touring update - deep south, festivals & spring tour
John Popper Project news & CD update
11/16/2005New Year's Eve 2005 announced!
Fall tour summary and highlights
John to tour Europe again with Operation Seasons Greetings
Band plans for 2006
10/20/2005The fall tour so far
How to request Amber Awaits on your local station
BT coming up on HOB Radio Hour and Austin City Limits
New tour dates added in IL, KY and SD plus in-stores in CO and OR
09/13/2005Happy ?Bastardos! Day!
08/30/2005"Amber Awaits" available through iTunes
Pre-sale tickets running out
More fall tour dates released
08/19/2005Fall tour taking shape
Fan-only pre-sales now available
New front page look for BT.net
07/25/2005?Bastardos! track listing and cover art revealed
Summer tour nears midway point with many new debuts and lengthy sets
New management company announced for Blues Traveler
Fall tour rumors and innuendoes
06/02/2005Dog Train track listing and cover now available
New July dates added, but Prague/Europe taken away
CHANT POLL 2005 winner announced
05/25/2005CHANT POLL '05 is underway
Summer schedule filling in, including John & Chan date
?Bastardos! is in the can!
05/06/2005Rolling Stone confirms new album title and release date
Two new dates released for 2005 summer tour
04/24/2005A tribute to Arnie Lawrence
04/08/2005Red Rocks 2005 confirmed, summer tour upcoming
Blues Traveler to play NYC for launch of Toshiba gigabeat
04/02/2005Blues Traveler plays Tempe Music Festival
Signing with Vanguard becomes official, BT to promote new Toshiba music player
03/14/2005New BT songs debut as Ben Wilson 5 rocks Austin
John Popper Project spring tour & Xingolati cruise confirmed
Red Rocks 2005 in the pipeline
03/03/2005John Popper out and about in Austin
JPP April tour shaping up
Ben Wilson 5 to play late-night set
New John tune & lyrics available for listening & reading
02/04/2005Tsunami Relief Benefit nets over $10,000 for CARE
Blues Traveler back in the studio recording new album
Nine years ago yesterday...
01/19/2005Blues Traveler to sign with Vanguard Records?
John Popper to cruise with The Codetalkers
Stolen Ogre and John Popper will jam for tsunami relief
Blues Traveler featured prominently in iTunes Store's "iTunes Essentials"
01/10/2005Ten years of Blues Traveler news online!
Two dates already scheduled for John Popper in 2005
12/21/2004Blues Traveler wraps up "Operation Seasons Greetings"
John pops up at the Xmas Pre-Jam and Xmas Jam
Blues Traveler music on TV
11/30/2004BT to tour European Air Force Bases as part of "Operation Season's Greetings"
John Popper added as "Guest Musician" at Xmas Jam
More information on Dog Train compilation CD
11/23/2004John busy with Trick or Treat, Particle, Gov't Mule
2004-2005 rumors
New BT.net additions
09/14/2004Central Park show announced as "End of Summer Jam"
09/12/2004John Popper Project enters the studio
Popper & Wasserman to open for Particle in Boston
09/08/2004Fall tour ends with private and public shows
Plans revealed for the rest of 2004
BT.net setlist archive completely updated
Truth Be Told coming out in "dual disc" format
08/09/2004Stolen Ogre coming to the Northeast
Chan and the Bob Sheehan Memorial Jam appear in Relix
Last two weeks of the Black-Cat raffle!
07/29/2004A return to Red Rocks in October
John plays for the President - RNC in the works?
Blues Traveler to appear on Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute album
07/20/2004Summer tour recap to date
August & September dates added
New live album released on 7/13
Other rumors and innuendoes
07/06/2004Colorado food drive a success, more dates and charities upcoming
06/28/2004Blues Traveler joins forces with Rock For A Remedy
06/23/2004Several new July dates added to Blues Traveler tour calendar - WA/MA/NJ/NY
06/17/2004Blues Traveler to play SIX free shows this summer as part of promotional tour
06/14/2004Free July 3rd show information leaks out
John jams with Jason Mraz in Seattle
BT family milestones and well-wishing
06/04/2004All-Star Jam pays tribute to Bobby Sheehan in style
Blues Traveler confirmed as addition to moe.down 5 over Labor Day weekend
05/28/2004Blues Traveler to appear on Dog Train compilation CD
3rd annual Black-cat Spirit of HarpnSoul raffle now underway
05/21/2004Memorial Day weekend shows cancelled
John feeling better after minor surgery
05/13/2004Bobby Sheehan All-Star Jam to take place on June 3rd
New album featuring John on harp and vocals out now
Spring tour/JPP wrapup and summer plans coming soon
Stolen Ogre tearing up the charts with Road to Jericho
05/05/2004Welcome back to BT.net
Save His Soul on its way back
Summer tour plans and rumors
John Popper Project winds up second run of gigs
04/07/2004John Popper Project off and on again
Stolen Ogre announces release date and info about Road to Jericho
03/30/2004John Popper Project returns
John engaged
New front-of-house engineer
More spring/summer dates
03/15/2004Spring tour rolling on and taking shape
Summer plans
BT on HDnet
02/17/2004John Popper Project shows and recordings abound
John sits in with Stir Fried
New Tim Vega exhibition announced & more Vega news
02/10/2004Spring tour dates roll out
JPP webcast ready to go for Thursday
John Popper tours hometown in latest issue of Relix
02/07/2004Some spring tour dates announced
First gig of 2004 in the books
More John Popper Project and sit-in info
01/24/2004Blues Traveler to play free concert in Columbia, SC
01/22/2004Stubb's gig from last year to be featured on Texas "All Access Live"
NYC tickets on sale tomorrow for John Popper Project
01/21/2004New York date and lineup for John Popper Project confirmed
01/20/2004Introducing...the John Popper Project
01/16/2004Spring/summer tour dates and a return to Tahoe in the works
"Sweet & Broken" to be next single
European DVD release date set
12/30/2003Popper appearance on Jason Mraz DVD & live album confirmed
12/29/2003In memory of Dr. Anthony J. Biancosino
12/21/2003First confirmed show of 2004 announced
John sits in with The Mother Truckers
12/17/2003John jams with the Dead
Brendan sits in with Stolen Ogre
Bob Weir joins John & Rob at the "Wasserman Sessions"
John's Liquid Loot harp goes to a listmember!
12/13/2003Welcome to the newest Kinchla!
John to sit in with The Dead and Spin Doctors?
DJ Logic to join Wasserman & Popper
12/05/2003Update & more info on Wasserman & Popper gig in San Francisco
11/25/2003John Popper to appear with Rob Wasserman
New downloads available in Downloads area
11/20/2003Blues Traveler to appear on The Sharon Osbourne Show
New Budnick book to include interview with the band
11/19/2003Truth Be Told to be released in DVD-Audio
Thinnest Of Air slated for European release
Monday Night Football's "Monday At The Mic" semifinals set
11/18/2003Blues Traveler on iTunes & Napster
Popper goes in-studio with Buddahead
More on Vega film
John featured in 2004 KBCO calendar
10/31/2003John Popper guests with Jason Mraz
DVD release date and title set
John Popper video clip in Suzanne Vega documentary?
John Popper autographed harmonica up for auction
10/23/2003Band calls an end to the year's touring
One more child and one more show in the works
10/15/2003New release date and track listing for Blues Traveler - On The Rocks
09/30/2003A victory on Monday Night Football
09/26/2003Fall tour kicks off tomorrow
News & download updates
Popper appearances - Chris Barron and Monday Night Football
08/26/2003Old favorites making a comeback as summer tour winds down
Some fall tour locations leaked
07/31/2003Welcome to the new BluesTraveler.net!
07/21/2003Letterman appearance upcoming
Album pre-order available
Southwest dates added to schedule
07/08/2003Red Rocks shows/DVD news
Asbury Park show IS a go
Tour news
06/26/2003Asbury Park show is a no go
Billboard article reveals a possible new track
06/24/2003Track listing now available for Truth Be Told
06/23/2003John Popper & Chan Kinchla to sign autographs before Portland show
New Jersey show added
06/18/2003More Bonnaroo news
Dates added to summer tour
New album release date
06/17/2003Additions to Harp-N-Soul Raffle
Popper jams at Bonnaroo
Chant Poll has a new winner
06/11/2003Second Annual Black-Cat Spirit of Harp-N-Soul Raffle announced
06/04/2003Additional Red Rocks opener confirmed
Partial track listing and cover for Truth Be Told available
06/03/2003Tour kicks off in style with four new tunes
New album info and rumors
Additional tour dates surface
05/20/2003Red Rocks openers confirmed
Many new dates announced
04/20/2003Four years ago today...
04/14/2003New survey on-line
Beginnings of tour announced
John Popper arrested in Texas for marijuana possession
04/09/2003New album title announced
Red Rocks officially confirmed & rumored opener info
Several new dates made public
04/03/2003Red Rocks shows slated for July 3rd and 4th
Blues Traveler to appear on new Red Rocks benefit compilation
Album recording finished
New section launched
02/13/2003Tahoe shows debut two new songs
Band is now back in the studio
01/13/2003Happy New Year! What's in store for 2003?
11/25/2002BT appearance in Los Angeles before Wednesday's show
11/20/2002John to appear at Tim Vega exhibition/tribute
Fall tour finalized
Irving Plaza goes off without a repeat
11/06/2002Several songs make comebacks in DC and Philly
Irving Plaza setlists to include no repeats
Another "Star-Spangled Banner" for John
More openers confirmed for West coast shows
10/31/2002Fall tour solidified
John to play The Star-Spangled Banner at tonight's Wizards game
Openers confirmed for Irving Plaza
Blues Traveler to appear on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"
10/14/2002Dueling discs to come out within 3 weeks of each other as Interscope releases Travelogue
10/03/2002Jammys jam into the night
Irving Plaza dates (and others) released
Some BT.Net tweaks
09/27/2002John Popper to host, perform at Jammys
Fall tour dates trickling out
09/18/2002New album track listing released
Release date announced
Tentative tour schedule for the rest of the year
07/20/2002Surf Ballroom show appears canceled due to problems with promoter
07/17/2002New album update and plans for the immediate future
07/16/2002New album cover art available
John Popper guest appearances
Bill Graham "Biography" airing
07/02/2002New album title announced
Cross-pollination among openers
more acts added to Red Rocks bill
06/18/2002Summer tour in full swing
New tunes keep coming
New album due out next month
04/22/2002Spring Tour officially kicks off
Red Rocks and other dates confirmed
John Popper sits in with moe. twice
03/28/2002Stubb's show debuts five new songs
John Popper makes multiple appearances in and around SXSW in Austin
More tour dates announced
Spin Doctors tour confirmed, BT in mix?
02/20/2002New tour dates announced
Blues Traveler plans another USO tour to support the troops
Spin Doctors to reunite?
02/12/2002Tahoe shows go off without a hitch
Stolen Ogre set to record new album
Gov't Mule covers "Alone"
02/04/2002John Popper guests with Bruce Willis & Ivan Neville's
House of Blues webcast upcoming
01/30/2002John Popper plays brief solo set
Tribute album released
Gina sez...
12/12/2001Winter tour coming to a close
Split Suite?
2002 gigs announced
10/23/2001Winter tour dates coming out
Blues Traveler to appear at Warren Haynes' 13th Annual Xmas Jam
New video & audio available at official site
Congratulations to Brendan and Sophie!
10/10/2001Fall tour finishes
Star-Spangled Banner>Freedom mp3 now available
Short winter tour in the works
John Popper to appear with Saturday Night Live band
09/04/2001Spinning Spiraling Machine resurrected
Winners of new survey announced
More tour dates trickle in
08/24/2001Second leg of summer tour kicks off
New survey running through 8/30
08/01/2001Columbia Records Radio Hour upcoming
More info on web site changes
Additional tour dates announced & Wetlands closing!
07/22/2001Most of summer tour now announced
Audio chat/JamBands.com tidbits
More new audio to be released soon
New songs debuted in concert/Cover discussion
06/29/2001Fox Tickets & new tour information
Conan appearance upcoming
John jams his Biscuits off
Audio Chat with the band!
06/25/2001The Fox is still on
New tour dates + change
John Popper to play at Jammys
06/05/2001More tour dates announced
G. Love package expected later this summer
Blues Traveler on Music Choice all this month
05/20/2001New video featured on GetMusic.com and VH-1
Bridge debuts at #91
05/17/2001Blues Traveler to appear on Jay Leno
Pat McGee Band confirmed as Red Rocks opener
HOB.com webcast featured all day today
Cool new web stuff
05/11/2001Bridge releases with a bang
Summer tour plans solidifying
John Popper upcoming guest appearances
05/03/2001A&M Interscope confirms May 8th schedule
More spotlight deals for Blues Traveler
Second Ford Amphitheater show cancelled
05/01/2001Spring tour starts in earnest
Acoustic sets make their return
Red Rocks tickets on sale this Friday
West coast dates and venues finalized
04/25/2001Record release show announced
"Pretty Angry" available for mp3 download
New interview with Ben Wilson
04/18/2001Mini-run kicks off Spring Tour
More changes/additions
Opener for May
04/08/2001Tour date changes/additions
Video shoot locale changed again
04/03/2001John Popper sits in with Allman Brothers
Tour dates finalizing
03/27/2001Gina sez...
03/26/2001Red Rocks is on! Single released to radio stations
Tour dates to be finalized this week
03/22/2001Complete lyrics posted
Video shoot dates confirmed
More tour date news
03/15/2001First single and release date chosen
May festival weekend confirmed and more tour dates coming
9:30 on the move
03/14/2001April tour dates materializing
Info on Orlando gig now available
First article posted about new album
03/07/2001Setlists for Nevada run posted
Band to play west coast around mid-May
More lyrics posted
03/04/2001Advance copies of Bridge shipped to radio stations
Track listing now available! Pat McGee Band to open in April
02/27/2001Sampler released
confusion as to album release date?
02/20/2001Sampler track listing discovered
A new song is included
02/16/2001New album release date announced
"Bridge" is the new title
Tour date added
02/12/2001Sampler CD to accompany Dave Matthews Band release at Circuit City
NYC tour dates upcoming?
02/07/2001Gina sez...
01/30/2001More Spring Tourdates appear
01/21/2001New album release date confirmed for March
First tour date released
Stolen Ogre news
01/05/2001New album release date set for March
More mp3's to be released through official site
11/26/2000Band wraps up fall tour in sunny Florida
John Popper to guest with Warren Haynes' at annual benefit gig
11/13/2000New covers rear their heads
Ben Wilson to reunite with former band leader for two December gigs
11/08/2000A Popper here and a Popper there
11/02/2000CD-5 release a no-go
Current mp3's a "gift from the band"
11/01/2000Blues Traveler hosts Halloween bash in Athens
10/30/2000First track of "Decisions of the Sky" EP released
More tracks to come weekly
10/23/2000Track listing of new EP nearly complete
New album reported to be all new material
10/18/2000Just for the Time Being to come out in theaters soon
10/13/2000New Blues Traveler web site goes live
Two versions of EP to become available soon
10/04/2000Fall tour kicks off with private gig
Frogwings album hits the stores
09/28/2000Electronic Gigs at a Glance coming soon
All fan club ticket orders will be honored
09/19/2000Lancaster show rescheduled for Rehoboth Beach
Fan Club tickets to be offered
08/28/2000Tour dates announced! Stolen Ogre hosts successful benefit, remembers Allen Woody
08/24/2000Tour dates slowly appearing, Stolen Ogre to officially record and webcast show
08/03/2000Frogwings album release confirmed
Blues Traveler rocks the Republican National Convention
07/19/2000Blues Traveler to finally return to New Orleans
Stolen Ogre to play for Northwest Burn Foundation
07/10/2000Blues Traveler makes return to Red Rocks
New album recording started
Tunes to be released via web site
Side Projects area now open!
06/23/2000Summerfest webcast
John Popper records with Darius Rucker and Woody Harrelson
06/13/2000John Popper jams on-stage with Galactic
New Stolen Ogre tour date
Setlists pop up
06/09/2000More private gigs take place
Blues Traveler to appear on "Best of Hard Rock Live" compilation
06/05/2000New song confirmed as a debut
Another contest announced
Jammy award nominations include Frogwings
05/13/2000BT plays first gig of 2000
reduced fee tickets available for certain "Run to Red Rocks" gigs
04/06/2000New tourdates announced & Red Rocks opener set
More birthday wishes
Another Brendan project
Bobby Sheehan Foundation to be formed
03/27/2000Brendan's birthday CD
John Popper to appear on VH-1 compilation
Possible Red Rocks opener rumored
03/13/2000Red Rocks plans announced, Blues Traveler jams away in Austin, Electronic GAAG to come
03/02/2000Stolen Ogre album coming soon
keyboardist to tour with band
Blues Traveler to appear on Phish tribute album
02/17/2000Keyboard player selection has been made
02/16/2000New Gov't Mule album dedicated to Bob Sheehan
Another keyboardist auditions
decision soon
02/08/2000Just For the Time Being to debut at New York Film Festival
Popper to appear at CHAOS afterward
01/29/2000Blues Traveler deep in the heart of Texas
Keyboard player to join in studio
Gigs at a Glance to go electronic
01/24/2000John Popper on VH1 Storytellers webcast and roundtable discussion
01/18/2000John Popper to play at Sundance Film Festival
01/05/2000Blues Traveler to add keyboard player
01/01/2000John Popper Band finishes 1999
Blues Traveler to take keyboardist in studio
12/23/1999Popper plays with God Street Wine
12/21/1999John Popper to guest at final God Street Wine shows
12/06/1999Frogwings disc to be released March 8th
12/05/1999Derek Trucks talks to jambands.com about Frogwings
12/04/1999John Popper television appearances upcoming
12/03/1999Frogwings album reportedly coming soon
11/29/1999Sweet Relief Musician's Fund auction starts today
11/24/1999House Of Blues cybercast
11/22/1999More new sections now open!
11/17/1999Blues Traveler goes back to the garage in San Francisco
last venue discovered
Official announcement of new bassist
11/16/1999Long-time manager Dave Frey parts ways with band
11/15/1999Marlboro Show cities, dates confirmed
John Popper to appear on new Hanson album
11/14/1999More Marlboro gigs upcoming?
11/11/1999New Blues Traveler bassist announced
11/10/1999Oteil Burbridge may not be in the running for position
11/09/1999New bassist to be announced very soon, says Popper
11/03/1999Popper cybercast slated for this weekend
11/02/1999Invitation-only bassist audition gigs to take place
10/21/1999Coroner releases official cause of death for Bob Sheehan
Popper appears on compilation
10/19/1999New sections now open!
10/12/1999Las Vegas show rescheduled
10/08/1999Rescheduled Colorado Concert Update
10/07/1999NYE information
10/05/1999John Popper changes plans
NYE rescheduling and TV appearances announced
10/04/1999Blues Traveler to audition bassists, possibly add keys
10/01/1999John Popper Band to make another in-store appearance
09/30/1999John Popper cancels more solo shows
09/28/1999New Year's Eve plans reportedly cancelled
09/21/1999John Popper web site unveiled
09/17/1999Popper to make in-store appearance
09/13/1999Blues Traveler to continue playing
09/10/1999Stolen Ogre to open for Gov't Mule
09/07/1999John Popper Chat
09/06/1999John Popper to make media appearances
08/23/1999Gathering to celebrate life of Bobby Sheehan
08/20/1999Brooklyn Bobby Sheehan found dead (Official Press Release)
07/31/1999Zygote track listing
07/26/1999BluesTraveler.Net wins an award
07/24/1999Millennium plans officially unveiled
07/23/1999John Popper speaks out in New Jersey newspaper
07/21/1999John Popper tour dates announced
07/15/1999Blues Traveler to play Reno, NV for NYE (from Pollstar)
07/10/1999Blues Traveler decides to NOT reschedule Red Rocks '99
07/09/1999BluesTraveler.Net merges with other Blues Traveler webpages
07/08/1999Passing the torch
07/07/1999John Popper released from hospital
07/06/1999Order your copy of Zygote online
07/01/1999John Popper enters hospital for testing
Red Rocks shows cancelled
06/30/1999Radio Broadcasts of Red Rocks Announced
06/29/1999Blues Traveler and Guests Thrill the Warfield
06/24/1999John Popper Band to play in Chicago
06/22/1999Das Clown
06/17/1999John Popper Side Project Info
06/11/1999Stolen Ogre Show Cancelled
06/03/1999John & Chan play Benefit Show
06/02/1999Blues Traveler adds Benefit Show to Schedule
05/31/1999John Popper jams with the Fiji Mariners
05/28/1999John Popper with The American Heritage Wind Ensemble
05/27/1999Bobby Sheehan hits the road with John Mooney
05/20/1999New Stolen Ogre Date
05/18/1999Touring Rumors...
05/14/1999Another Blues Traveler baby!
05/13/1999John Popper harmonica concerto announced for May 27
05/12/1999Popper and the play "The Civil War"
05/01/1999Popper to Play With Fiji Mariners
04/30/1999Get out and vote!
04/29/1999Stolen Ogre to Play the Moore Theater
04/28/1999Popper Joins McCain, Kinney, in Studio
04/27/1999RBBS and G Love Tabbed as Red Rocks Openers
04/20/1999Latest Blues Traveler Website Unveiled!
04/08/1999More Popper Film News
04/07/1999Popper Joined in Studio by Beauford, Riccio
03/08/1999Red Rocks Tickets On Sale
03/03/1999No Box Seats at Red Rocks
02/07/1999Stolen Ogre to Play St. Patrick's Day Gig in Seattle
01/23/1999A&M Records Closes the Doors
01/07/1999New Years 99-00 Still Undecided
01/02/1999The Blues Travels to Korea
12/20/1998Popper to sing for Frogwings
12/04/1998Netter Jam II: Jam Harder
12/03/1998Blues Traveler January Tour?
11/09/1998Princeton Show
11/01/1998Blues Traveler Rocks the House on Halloween
10/24/1998Random Notes...
10/14/1998I Have My Moments Played for First Time in 7 Years
10/10/1998Blues Traveler to Play Special Show in Atlantic City
10/06/1998Fall Tour Starts Tonight
10/05/1998Michael Parrish Band to Open for BT
10/04/1998BT Plays the Santa Monica Pier
10/02/1998Roseland Dates Confirmed
09/14/1998Update on Muhlenburg
09/09/1998Popper Invents a New Instrument?
09/08/1998Fall Tour Dates Rolling In
08/21/1998More Fall Tour Dates Leaking Out
08/20/1998Blues Traveler HORDE Show on Webcast
08/16/1998Utica Fall Tour Date Released
08/12/1998Penn, Teller, and Popper
07/28/1998Mallick Wins MTV's FANatic Contest
07/21/1998Netter to Interview Blues Traveler on MTV Show, FANatic
07/16/1998July 4th Show to be Rebroadcast over Internet
07/14/1998Popper Discusses Upcoming Album With JamTV
07/13/1998New Years 1998 in Chicago Confirmed
07/12/1998New Years 1998 in Chicago Confirmed?
07/08/1998Blues Traveler Rocks the House at Red Rocks
07/06/1998John Popper Talks About H.O.R.D.E.'s Vow To Aid Fire-Ravaged Florida
07/05/1998Blues Traveler to Play Free Show at House of Blues
06/30/1998John Popper Guests at Lilith Fair
06/19/1998Blues Traveler Featured in D'Addario Ad
04/23/1998Popper Leaks Word of a Possible Harp-Less Album
04/22/1998John Popper to appear on MTV Live and Howard Stern
04/21/1998HORDE Lineup and Dates Announced
04/20/1998Win a Private Blues Traveler Concert
04/19/1998Blues Traveler, Primus, Clinton, Gabriel, Common, Others To Aid Sierra Club
03/12/1998Stolen Ogre debut gig upcoming
02/19/1998Red Rocks confirmed, John Popper has successful surgery
02/10/1998Red Rocks nearly confirmed
setlist file updated
02/04/1998Blues Traveler mini-set played at High Plains Drifter show
01/06/1998Chan is a father
NYE show review
Jono Manson to tour
BT to be on Letterman
11/18/1997Mail order tickets for NYE shows available
11/06/1997NYE Tickets on sale
10/24/1997Rolling Stones opener setlists available
10/21/1997New Year's Eve plans announced
10/01/1997Bobby Sheehan arrested for cocaine possession
09/17/1997Tour schedule changes
Bridge School Benefit added
09/12/1997John Popper plays solo set
09/05/1997New date announced
Mail Order will be available for Fall Tour
09/01/1997More tour dates
Opening act announced
Taping policy clarified
08/28/1997Media Frrrrenzy
08/26/1997Central Park & Jacksonville dates added
08/14/1997Blues Traveler to open for Rolling Stones
08/04/1997Euro Tour over
more dates to come?
07/15/1997Blues Traveler on VH-1 Hard Rock Live
07/10/1997Red Rocks to be re-broadcast on the Internet
07/09/1997Euro tour kicks off
rumored NJ/NY dates
07/05/1997Red Rocks Highlights
07/01/1997Straight On Till Morning released
06/09/1997Popper jams with Taj Mahal at TFC
Carolina Blues video premiere
05/30/1997Popper and Sheehan play with Weir & Wasserman
Blues Traveler H.O.R.D.E. dates announced
05/29/1997Carolina Blues released to radio
05/13/1997Widespread Panic is off H.O.R.D.E.
05/04/1997BT kicks off 1997
European Tour Dates announced
04/29/1997Video finished
VH-1 special to air
04/23/1997John Popper interview in Rolling Stone
04/16/1997Blues Traveler donates items to Online Auction
03/31/1997Gina sez...
03/26/1997New album release July 1st
11/22/1996Popper to sing with Dolly Parton on Letterman
11/21/1996Mail order ticket info - Gina sez...
11/20/1996Reviews from the Road/For the Addicts sections
11/16/1996Popper joins Phish in St. Louis
11/11/1996Favorite Live Show Poll results
11/06/1996Blues Traveler kicks off Fall tour
11/05/1996New date announced by Ticketmaster
10/02/1996Wasabi news
10/01/1996Popper sits in with Pearl Jam in NYC
09/28/1996Fall Tour dates announced
07/22/1996H.O.R.D.E. update
90+ minute jam
07/05/1996Red Rocks news
07/04/1996Black-Cat list back up!
07/01/1996New album to be released tomorrow!
06/24/1996Red Rocks nearly sold out
H.O.R.D.E. mail order available
06/21/1996blues-traveler@cs.umd.edu is no more...
03/07/1996Red Rocks tickets on sale March 15th
02/29/1996H.O.R.D.E. lineup announced
02/28/1996Blues Traveler wins Grammy
02/27/1996Double live album coming soon
02/14/1996Run-Around nominated for Grammy
02/02/1996Red Rocks gigs announced
01/31/1996Jono Manson Band news
Blues Traveler to play Madison Square Garden?
01/01/1996Happy New Year!
12/28/1995Roseland sold out
BT-Net T-shirts available
11/06/1995Blues Traveler featured on Ace Ventura 2 soundtrack
10/26/1995I Want To Take You Higher debuts
10/10/1995four sheet music available
10/04/1995Letterman appearance upcoming
09/28/1995Blues Traveler to appear on Saturday Night Live
09/26/1995Hook CD-5, Hempilation available
John Lennon tribute coming soon
09/25/1995John Popper arraignment on weapons charges
09/15/1995John Popper arrested on weapons charges
09/12/1995Dave Swanson speaks about new album
09/11/1995Blues Traveler to appear on Hempilation
09/10/1995Hook CD-5 to be released soon