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January 29th, 2002
Gina sez...tour dates, opening bands, live CDs, charity T-shirt

Date: 29 Jan 2002
From: members@bluestraveler.com
Subject: gina sez

Fellow Travelers,

Happy New Year to all. Thanks so much for a great tour - it was so much fun for us. Having Michael Franti and Spearhead along made it even better. We look forward to playing with them again in the future.

The guys are all doing great and are spending time with their friends and families. After which they will be going into a writing session. During this summer's tours they will debut some of these songs from the sessions as well as work on continuing to make the live shows exciting and new.

We hope to be able to announce many tour dates soon. So far it looks like we will be starting the tour in May, including Jazz Fest. If you're wondering about your 4th of July plans, we are definitely playing Red Rocks this year and we will let you know if we are adding more dates in Denver soon, so start looking into getting yourself there. Basically, we'll be hitting the road again for a good part of the year.

So much is going on here and we would like to involve all of you. First, we are currently thinking about opening bands. Who would you like to see Blues Traveler tour with this year? Email your ideas to me at blackcatz@earthlink.net and I will get them to the guys.

Second, we are looking to release a live CD from last year's Fall/Winter tour through our website and thought it would be fun to have some of you submit cover art ideas to us for this. So email your art to me at blackcatz@earthlink.net Be sure to include a phone number and e-mail address so I can reach you. As we get closer to a date that it will be ready, we will let you know about deadlines - but don't drag your feet, get going!

A very special thanks to all the Fellow Travelers that helped us flyer for the last tour. You were all great to work with and I really enjoyed meeting you. We hope to do this again and get more of you involved. The response was so overwhelming and I know some of you were not able this time around, so we will get you for the next tours. I will send an e-mail with more about this, once we get the tours confirmed.

As many of you may know we were selling a Charity T-shirt on the last tour to raise money for The Widow and Orphans Fund for NYC Police, Port Authority and Fire Departments. Some of these New York Heroes joined the band and crew on stage at Roseland in New York for the Traditional "Wobbling Surfer" end of tour dance party. We have raised a lot of money for them and wanted to thank all of you for helping us do this. If you did not make a show on the tour or if you were not able to get a shirt at one of our shows, you can still buy one now at our website in our merchandise section.

Well, I guess that is about it for now. As I said we will post some more news and tour dates soon. We miss you all and can't wait to get back out on the road. I will look for your e-mails with your ideas and artwork. Thanks again and see you soon. Have Fun!!

Love Gina