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Popper, Osborne And Hayes Confirmed For Schoolhouse Rocks the Vote
MTV News Gallery, National
May 20th, 1998

A track by Blues Traveler John Popper and another featuring Joan Osborne dueting with Isaac Hayes will be two of the highlights on a new Rhino Records release called Schoolhouse Rocks The Vote. It's a combination Kid Rhino/ABC Schoolhouse project and Rock the Vote promotion.

The Schoolhouse series is a Saturday morning instructional cartoon geared for young adults; Kid Rhino, a division of Rhino Records, releases rock-oriented audio companion CDs. Rock the Vote is a campaign that encourages political and social awareness in young people.

According to Rhino spokesperson Cindy Laudati, the record, which will also feature Schoolhouse regular Bob Dorough, is a mixture of the usual Schoolhouse music and tracks by well-known contemporary rock artists, most of whom are in the process of being confirmed. The release is tentatively scheduled for late August.