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Blues Traveler
Live from the Fall
by John Sakamoto
Jam! Online, National
Jul 1st, 1996

The standard take on these throwbacks to the jam-happy '70s is that you haven't really heard them 'til you've heard them live. That contention certainly comes across on this 150-minute, two-disc document, recorded last year.

Consisting largely of expansive workouts on material from the band's four studio albums, it tosses in a first-rate unrecorded original ("Closing Down The Park") and a pair of ambitious covers (John Lennon's "Imagine" and War's "Low Rider", the latter featuring an unlikely segue into Beck's "Loser").

However, Live From The Fall is unlikely to make any converts. While the devoted will treasure it as a tour souvenir packed with imaginative playing, anyone who has resisted them so far will probably hear it as little more than one very long jam.