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Blues Traveler bores fans at Stabler Arena
by Jordan Hyatt
Unknown, Bethlehem, PA
Oct 8th, 1996

Blues Traveler and Chrysalids drew a small and disappointed crowd night when they played a concert in Stabler Arena Wednesday night.

The band currently has released five albums since its debut in the summer of 1990.

Kate Fleming, '99, has been into the group's music ever since she heard one of their first songs but was disappointed with the concert.

"Even though they played my favorite song, 'Sweet Pain' from the album Travelers and Thieves, the crowd was lame," Fleming said. "The place seemed empty and there was nobody there."

Chrysalids played for an hour before Blues Traveler performed.

Liz Eden, '00, said the concert didn't pick up until Blues Traveler played.

"The opening band was okay, but they were too loud, and I was waiting for Blues Traveler to come on," Eden said.

The lead singer of Blues Traveler, John Popper, introduced the audience to some songs from his new album, Live from the Fall.

Sarah Tarnoff, '00, said she has seen the band in concert before and they played too many unfamiliar songs.

"I've seen them in concert before, but it was much more enthusiastic," Tarnoff said. "They played new music that no one heard before."

Mike Dare, '00, said the concert was dull.

"I was not impressed with the band and the audience just wasn't into the concert," he said.