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Blues Traveler
Live From The Fall
DiscDrive Archive, National
Nov, 1995

The H.O.R.D.E. festival is the anti-Lollapalooza, full of retro jam bands and pseudo-hippies, and a place I wouldn't be caught dead. Its centerpiece is the ubiquitous Blues Traveler. They say you can't fully appreciate the group until you experience them live, and on listening to Live From The Fall, I wholeheartedly agree. I used to despise them. Now, I wish the hounds of Satan would track them down and run them outta my continent. Two c.d.s, one hundred and forty-odd minutes of the same damn harmonica riffs and guitar solos over and over, droning on and on until I fall over backwards. And what's worse, I ask, John Popper's harp playing or his singing? I live for that second in-between when he's doing neither. The only discernable melodies on the discs are courtesy of cover versions, like War's "Low Rider" and Beck's "Loser". And I've never felt so relieved hearing somebody butcher "Imagine", because I knew it meant the disc was over.